[[ WIKI ]]

[[ WIKI ]] adds an article system to [[Stadtwiki Geislingen]]. Depending on how the administrator has configured this system, you will likely be using it to view or contribute to a knowledge base.

What new Bb-Codes are available in [[ WIKI ]]?

Like the rest of the board, [[ WIKI ]] uses Bb-Codes to format text in its content. Some new Bb-Codes have been added for use throughout the board, while others will only function in [[ WIKI ]]. These are called Wiki Codes. Like other BB-Codes, many Wiki Codes can be used by clicking a button in the editor window, but which wiki codes appear and where is dependent on how the board's administrators have configured the system.

To see the full list of Wiki Code tags that can be used on this site and examples of their use, click here.